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Armadillo Grill - Blairsville
« on: May 09, 2012, 07:33:04 AM »
Just north of the Rt515 & Rt129 crossing.
Not my choice of a name, but the establishment's appearance looks good.  Parking is funky.
This place came highly recommended to us for Mexican food.  They have a range of foods.
The Chips and Salsa was great, but $3.50.    Claimed home-made, the salsa was rich and spicy.
The chips were light, crispy brown, non-oily, and seasoned well.  Chip refill free.
Sheryl got the Shrimp Enchiladas.  They were on blue corn tortillas, so first appearance is different.
Whole medium sized shrimp inside.  Sheryl loved them !
She was not fond of the beans and rice, which sampled just fine by me.  She's not a B&R fan.
They have a wide range of side dish substitutes for B&R.  Some free, some $1 more.
I had the Chicken Caso-Dillo, which comes on a bed of cheesy-rice.
It was wonderful.  A new favorite for me.
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